Rugged Unicorn Woodcrafts is more than just another woodworking company. We are a homeschooling family that uses our business as an opportunity to teach our children critical lessons about life. Whether they are learning a skill such as how to read a tape measure or learning how to communicate with a client, we ensure that they have some interaction with each project. They are involved in every project that we do and learn from each piece that we create. We take great pride in the the things that we create because each piece makes an impact on our personal lives.


Our goal is to create a beautiful piece of furniture that reflects the time and love that we have put into it. 


We have 4 children. Eli, Cade, Ian and Charleigh. Charleigh went home to Jesus in February of 2020. She had a unicorn balloon at her 2nd Birthday party in January of 2020; and she loved that balloon! Since her accident, the unicorn has become something of a family mascot for us. It reminds us to cherish each moment that we have together and to make sure that we get enjoyment out of our lives.